At Eudora, you get to be the brewmaster. Whether have prior brewing experience or think “barley” and “hop” sound like two guys you’d meet at a dive bar, we are here to guide you through every step of the process and make it as easy and as fun as possible. Brew sessions can be scheduled for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at noon, 3pm and 6pm. You must be 21 years of age or older to brew beer at Eudora.

Schedule a Brewing Session

How it Works:

Appointments are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday at noon, 3pm or 6pm. When you schedule an appointment, you’ll be asked to choose a recipe. When you come in to brew, a friendly staff member will help you through the brewing process (or simply supervise to make sure you’re doing okay) from start to finish. We encourage you to bring friends and family members to help or watch you brew. Anyone who helps brew must be at least 21 years old.

After the actual brewing process is complete (2 to 3 hours), you’ll leave the beer with us to ferment in our fermentation room for 3-5 weeks. We monitor the fermentation and carbonate the beer once it’s done fermenting.

You’ll then come back on your previously-scheduled bottling day to package the beer. After bottling and applying labels, the beer is yours to take home and enjoy.

A 5-gallon batch makes about 40-45 12oz. bottles of beer. A 10-gallon batch makes roughly twice as much. Bottles and labels are purchased separately from the brewing session.

We also offer Gift Cards. Purchase a gift card in the tap room or visit our web store.


Current Recipe List

(prices DO NOT include Bottles, Labels or Sales Tax)

Standard Series: ($100 per 5-gallon batch, $140 per 10-gallon batch)

Blonde Ale


English Brown Ale

Gluten-Free Golden Ale*

Irish Red Ale

Belgian Pale Ale

American Amber Ale

Raspberry Wheat Ale

Vanilla Cream Ale



Munich Dunkel*

American Brown Ale


Premium Series: ($115 per 5-gallon Batch, $160 per 10-gallon batch)

American Light Lager*

American Pale Ale

Robust Porter

Milk Stout

India Pale Ale

Belgian Dubbel

Chocolate Cherry Stout

Belgian IPA

Mother Fuggle Brown Ale Clone

Vanilla Porter


Hoppy American Wheat


Signature Series: ($130 per 5-gallon batch, $185 per 10-gallon batch)

Strong Scottish Ale



Black IPA

Pumpkin Spice Ale

Holiday Ale

Holy Cacao (chocolate milk porter) Clone

Cheval Magique (Belgian golden strong ale) Clone


Ultimate Series: ($145 per 5-gallon batch, $200 per 10-gallon batch)

Imperial IPA

Russian Imperial Stout


*Allow one month between brewing and bottling for lagers and gluten-free beers

Schedule a Brewing Session


General Info and Rules:


Bottles & Labels

Five Gallon Batch (Two Cases of 12oz. bottles)

With Generic Labels                   …$35

With Custom Labels                   …$40

Ten Gallon Batch (Four Cases of 12oz. bottles)

With Generic Labels                   …$70

With Custom Labels                   …$80

Have Your Own Bottles?

48 Generic Labels                       …$10.00

48 Custom Labels                       …$15.00

96 Generic Labels                       …$20.00

96 Custom Labels                       …$30.00


We encourage you to be creative and design your very own beer label!

There are a few RULES that you must follow:

  1. All content on your label must be appropriate… if it’s too inappropriate to be sold on a store shelf, it doesn’t fly with us. No profanity, sexual references, racism, etc. Please also avoid any references to political figures. This is federal law.
  2. You MUST list the recipe brewed (for example, “Blonde Ale” or “India Pale Ale”) somewhere on the label. We recommend typing it in 12-font text next to our website address.
  3. You MUST leave the government warning and other required text on the label. It must remain the original size and it has to be readable… so it needs to contrast against the label background. Do not remove any text from the label template… if you do, we won’t print your labels.
  4. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or expertise to help you with your label design. Please don’t show up on your bottling day expecting help with your design- we have a schedule to maintain. If your design isn’t ready when you arrive, you’ll be using generic labels.


Please use the label templates provided below. When you’re finished designing, send us the file in .PSD, .PDF or .JPEG format. Email the design to BOP@EudoraBrewing.com with your name and “Label Design” in the subject line. 

Label Templates

12oz. Bottle Label Template (Microsoft Word)

12oz. Bottle Label Template (PDF)

12oz. Bottle Label Template (Photoshop)

You must have Adobe Photoshop to open and edit Photoshop files.

Feel free to use these JPEG files!

↓ 12oz. Label ↓

(please place design in every label on the sheet, not just one)

Send completed designs to BOP@EudoraBrewing.com. Please include your name and “Label Design” in the subject line.


Not available to bottle your beer? We’ll bottle it for you! $25 for a 5-gallon batch, $50 for a 10-gallon batch. Beer must be picked up within 7 days of bottling- we don’t have room to store your beer!

Have your own homebrew (corny) keg? Skip the bottling process all-together! For only $20, we’ll keg and carbonate your beer for you. Your keg must be pre-cleaned and sanitized. Ball-lock only.

If you need to reschedule your bottling appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice. Multiple (more than two) reschedules will result in us bottling your beer for you (and charging a bottling fee).

We offer Gift Cards for both the tap room and customer brewing area! You can purchase Gift Cards in the tap room during normal operating hours, or online in our web store.

  Bottle Care: Follow these guidelines to keep your beer fresh and your bottles clean!